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Quarantine & Chill: Binge Watch Musts From The TTT Staff

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

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As the stay-at-home orders get extended across the nation, most of us have fully settled into the quarantine lifestyle that includes frequent trips to the fridge, multiple naps in a day, virtual work meetings in pajamas, and binge watching everything we never had time for. The TTT Media staff put together a list of television shows and movies that are a must watch, and also explain their most recommended TV series to binge. Given the abrupt stoppage to our beloved sports mid-season, a pause on social outings and human interaction, entertainment is one of the few avenues that has kept us connected and on one accord digitally. Did we get the lists right? Let us know what’s been keeping your attention on your favorite streaming service? Talk To Us, We Talk Back!

Antonia’s Picks

TV Shows

· Hunters

· Atypical

· Queen of the South

· Ozark

· Kim’s Convenience

· Honorable Mention: Lucifer


· Inception

· 12’o’Clock Boys

· The Land

· The Secret

Antonia’s Top Recommendation: In case you haven't already done so, I recommend that everyone "quarantine and chill" with Netflix’s most popular, eerie and unexpected drug lord series, Ozark. Netflix released a riveting third season of the series just as many Americans learned about the severity of COVID-19, which led to global stay-at-home orders. The Ozarks, an eerie Missouri lake township is filled with mischief, crime and corruption. At the center of it are Marty Byrde and his family, who were sucked into the criminal underworld when the news of his stellar accounting skills was picked up by a famous Mexican drug cartel, who wanted to use said skills to launder money in the US. Join the Byrde family on their unique journey as they lose somewhat of their suburban life in Chicago, and get thrusted into the underbelly of a major criminal conspiracy.

Je’Ron’s Picks

TV Shows

· Breaking Bad

· Better Call Saul

· Curb Your Enthusiasm

· The Wire

· My Name is Earl


· Room

· Yes Man

· Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead

· Half Baked

· Friday

Je’Ron’s Top Recommendation: Out of all the tv shows and movies on my quarantine binge watch list, Curb Your Enthusiasm would be my top recommendation. Curb Your Enthusiasm has been airing on HBO since the year 2000 for a total of 10 seasons. With this type of longevity and consistency, there are enough episodes to hold you over with some of the best sketch comedy in the history of television. The series is loosely based on the everyday life of Larry David, co-creator of the cult television classic, Seinfeld. Larry takes you on a comical ride in his daily life, where his main purpose is to make right anything that annoys him, and his unfiltered delivery creates some of the most memorable moments in the show.

Jon’s Picks

TV Shows

· Billions

· Entourage

· The Wire

· Ozark

· Seven Seconds


· Trading Places

· Outbreak

· Nappily Ever After

· Weekend At Bernie’s

· Dazed N Confused

Jon’s Top Recommendation: Quarantine or no quarantine, I'll always recommend that everyone watches HBO's, The Wire. Arguably the greatest television program ever. For me, The Wire is the most thrilling, culturally inclusive, complex, and most accurate depiction of a particular concept to a television series. Each season of The Wire magnifies the industries and systems that plague many urban cities in America. Filmed and based in Baltimore, Maryland, The Wire is a tale that depicts the rawness of the drug and gang culture, while examining the plight of the blue-collar working class citizens, police & political corruption, failed education systems, as well as faulty journalism and media consumption. Not only did The Wire introduce us to young actors such Michael B Jordan, Mack Wilds, it also brought forth career defining roles such as Stringer Bell, Avon Barksdale and Jimmy Mcnulty, who were played by Idris Elba, Wood Harris, and Dominic West. Many have tried to compare The Wire to other legendary television series, but in the words of Omar Little, a modern day robin hood played by Michael K Williams on The Wire: “You come at the king, you best not miss.” 

Lae’s Picks

TV Shows

· Living Single

· Mr. Robot

· All-American

· WTF Baron Davis

· The Office

· Honorable Mention: Breaking Bad


· Harlem Nights

· Crash

· Indecent Proposal

· Phone Booth

· Bad Boys trilogy

Lae’s Top Recommendation: My quarantine picks consist of my favorite shows and movies that I can always count on to keep me entertained and uplifted no matter what. However, All-American has become one of my new favorites to binge watch. The show follows the life of teenager Spencer James, a high school football star who does his best to balance his home life in Crenshaw, and the unfamiliar terrain of life in Beverly Hills. He often finds himself getting himself and his friends out of trouble, standing up for what’s right, learning from his mistakes and facing his childhood trauma. Although the acting can be a little cheesy, All-American is one of those feel-good shows that will definitely keep you entertained, and it might make you shed a tear or two.

Mike’s Picks

TV Shows

· Tracy Morgan Show

· Street Sharks

· Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

· Mythbusters

· How It’s Made


· Harlem Nights

· The Mack

· Step Brothers

· Fresh

· Ghandi

Mike’s Top Recomendation: Rest In Peace to the OG foodie, Anthony Bourdain. Throughout this quarantine, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations has fed my visual culinary needs. As you watch the show, one of the most important things beside the obvious great and sometimes unique food, is the typical culinary history lesson or two he throws in. I have to admit that the quarantine has given me foodie withdrawals. Sure, we can still order takeout and continue supporting our favorite local spots, but I can’t wait to order at a table, dine in, ask for some extra napkins, and most importantly, leave a tip. The experience of dining in has been confined to my home for now, and it's safe to say that this show has eased some pain. I definitely have my eyes set on a few countries like the late Mr. Bourdain when we can finally go back outside.

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