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VE-GO Food Truck Provides Familiarity In Vegan Catering Dishes

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Photo courtesy of Ve-Go

The average person is generally reluctant to try a new dish as it is, so when presented with plant-based or "vegan" options, their reservations are heightened. This is largely due to the comfortability and familiarity in the dishes served within people's cultural upbringing, as well as the preconceived notion of vegan meals."I don’t know about that” is often the response when someone is asked about trying vegan dishes. To the ears of non-vegan eaters, most dishes are perceived as, "nasty tofu", "bland", or "cardboard", among other descriptions.

In recent years, plant-based chefs have debunked these inconclusive narratives by providing more flavor packed options that remind people of their favorite home-style dishes. Ve-Go Food Truck is rolling proof of a new era in vegan eatery, thanks to founders Chef Akil, and Pastry Chef Paris Courtney.

TTT Media recently had the pleasure of attending Ve-Go's most recent private tasting for their new catering services at Apostrophe Lounge near uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. From classic breakfast dishes such as Mamas biscuits and gravy, to pineapple beef tips for dinner, attendees had the opportunity to try out an array of sample sized vegan dishes with a familiar twist .

As a foodie I’m open trying new foods at all times, but my only request for vegan dishes is the taste to be like the non-vegan dish it was created to emulate. Ve-Go definitely fulfilled my request with dishes such as the beef hash, which could easily pass for actual beef hash on a blind study. Check out the photos below of the dishes from the Ve-Go private tasting, along with my experience with each dish.

*All Photos shot by Mike Palmer for TTT Media*

The Ginger Tea was well balanced and mellow. The ginger didn’t overbear the overall flavor, nor was it overly sweet.

Mama’s Biscuits and Gravy was flavorful and certainly maintained the essence of the traditional dish without using any animal products. The biscuit was good on its own.

The name speaks for itself, Tofu Scramble. Yes it was tofu, and in true foodie fashion I tried it. Contrary to my recent experiences with tofu this was good. You can definitely tell the difference between egg and tofu, but as an alternative it was good. The peppers and onions add a nice texture and flavor.

Tell the chef I will be ordering! This vegan “beef hash” was piquant! They were able to capture the textures, smells, and taste of the traditional dish. You could definitively feed this to a “non-vegan” and they wouldn’t know the difference!

The Jackfruit and Garbanzo Bean Caribbean curry was a uniquely tasty dish. The ingredients paired very well with the curry.

The Buffalo Boneless Chik’n & Sweet and Sour Chik’n were good. You can definitely tell a difference, but in the realm of vegan eats, this is definitely close to the traditional dishes.

Pineapple Beef Tips and Black Beans. The sauce is amazing. The two dishes complemented each other.

“WOW” best describes the Waterlemon Gazpacho. The watermelon, the mint, and what I believe was cucumber all blended so well. Very refreshing!

When I heard the famous fish tacos were made of tofu I was weary, but the first bite changed those feelings. The fried tofu had a texture that maintained the quintessence of a fish taco. The pickled onion was a nice touch.

Mike Palmer is a food aficionado at TTT Media, where he covers culinary arts.

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