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Writers Block: An Autumn Rainwater Mixer For Singers And Songwriters

Autumn Rainwater, songstress out of Charlotte, NC recently hosted her first event, "Writer's Block", at beSocial, geared towards singers and songwriters of all genres. As writers, most can relate to the infamous "writers block" phrase and how it plagues so many creative processes. Not being able to express one's creative genius can be crippling, yet Autumn made it a priority to create a safe space for writers to work through the kinks of overcoming a creative block. Engaging in open dialogue and playing writing games helped inspire many of the attendees because in large part, being open with what generally hurts can be helpful. "Writer's Block" enabled writers to recognize that they're not alone with the mental funk that tends to set into creative writers. As the night concluded, Autumn opened the floor up for feedback from those in attendance and the responses were overwhelming appreciative of the safe space that is needed for writers in Charlotte to congregate and have open dialogue. Writer's Block is definitely an event that is needed and appreciated, Thank you Autumn.

*All photos were taken by Je'Ron Chester for TTT Media*


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